Customer service declaration

Customer service declaration

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) is, above all, an organization that serves clients in the construction industry.

The organization has ten points de service in the main municipalities of Québec. Since most requests can be made by telephone and in order to minimize the need for clients to travel, the CCQ has call centres with more than 50 information agents to make access to its services easy and efficient.

The CCQ’s goal in service provision is to place clients in contact with the person they need to speak to as quickly as possible. The CCQ has also instituted a quality assurance program aimed at supporting our public commitments presented below.

Customer Service Declaration

With a concern for improving its services, the CCQ commits itself to offering its clients:

  • Services available 24/7 throughout the province through our automated services. For clients who prefer accessing our services by telephone, email or in-person your request will be answered within a reasonable time frame;
  • Services requiring a minimum of steps;
  • Services that guarantee high-quality, standardized information;
  • Services adapted to specific needs, particularly those of people with functional, visual, hearing or intellectual disabilities;
  • Services offered by courteous, skilled staff who listen to your needs and are committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of our services.

The Customer Service Declaration contains the commitments that the CCQ and its staff make to its clients. These commitments express the CCQ’s intention to offer high-quality service, especially to workers and employers in the construction industry. They also take into account the expectations that these clienteles have expressed in surveys. This declaration falls under the Customer Service Policy adopted by the CCQ in 1998.

Our results with regard to fulfilling our commitments are published in the annual management report submitted to the National Assembly of Québec.

Our Commitments

If you contact us by telephone:

  • You will receive a response within three minutes of asking to speak with an agent, except during the period between noon and 1:00 PM, when it is difficult to maintain this schedule;
  • If you are an employer using the dedicated employer telephone line, you will receive a response within two minute, except during the period between noon and 1:00 PM, when it is difficult to maintain this schedule;
  • If you use the line dedicated to training and upgrading courses and are asked to leave a voicemail message, we will return your call within two business days.

If you come to our offices:

  • You will have access to an agent within 20 minutes of your arrival; if we cannot respect this time frame, we will inform you.

If you send us an e-mail:

  • If you are a worker, you will receive a reply to your message in less than two working days;
  • If you are an employer or an employer or union association, you will receive a reply in less than one working day;
  • Messages from the general public will be answered in less than three working days.

All the following time frames become relevant once we have received a completed application.

  • Insurance and Retirement
  • Competency and exemption certificate
  • Profesional training and qualification
  • Salary and site complaints
  • Situation letter
  • People with disabilities

If you send an application for insurance refunds or benefits:

  • You will receive a refund for your medical, dental or professional expenses within three weeks;

If you send an pension application:

  • You will receive written confirmation of the amount and date of pension payment within four weeks.

If you are applying for a competency or exemption certificate:

  • For your initial application for a competency certificate, a decision will be made within three business days. One week must be added for mailing the certificate or notice of rejection;
  • For your application for a certificate under an interprovincial agreement, a decision will be made by the following business day. One week must be added for mailing the certificate or notice of rejection.

If you are an employer sending a request for the issuance of an exemption:

  • Your request will be processed within two weeks.

If you are attending training activities and would like to receive payment of your financial incentives:

  • Your financial incentive will be paid within two weeks following confirmation of your attendance at the course, if you are taking a full-time course, or within three weeks, if you are taking a part-time course.

If you want your hours worked and experience recognized to become a journeyman?

  • Your application for the qualification exam will be processed within four weeks.

If you have passed your welding qualification examination and are applying for reimbursement:

  • You will be reimbursed within two weeks.

If you have passed the journeyman qualification exam:

  • We will send you your exam results within two weeks of the exam date.

If you make a salary complaint:

  • You will receive the result of your complaint within five months; if this deadline cannot be respected, we will send you a progress report on the processing of your complaint.

If you make a site complaint:

  • The CCQ assesses all information received concerning a situation considered noncompliant on a construction site. Click here to get more details about the site complaints process.

If you apply for a situation letter:

  • An employer’s application for a situation letter will be processed within three business days.

The CCQ is committed to offering adapted services to individuals with a functional, visual or hearing disability. If you should require a large-print or Braille brochure, please contact the Coordinator of services for the disabled at 1 888 842-8282.

Are you satisfied with our services?

If you feel that one of your requests has not received all the attention necessary from a member of our staff, or if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the services offered, fill out the online form Plainte en lien avec un service rendu par la CCQ.

Would you simply like to make a suggestion or comment? If so, use the online form Commentaire ou suggestion concernant nos services.

You send us a comment, suggestion, or complaint?

  • If you send a complaint, you will receive a comprehensive, clear and personalized response within two weeks of its receipt.

The CCQ is committed to processing complaints with full confidentiality.

Help us to serve you better

We rely on you to help us respect our commitments:


  • Provide all the information and documents within the required time frame;
  • Provide us with your full contact information.


The present Customer Service Declaration is reviewed every year.


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