The CCQ: A constructive presence and a trusted partner

A constructive presence

The CCQ is intended to be a unifying organization, at the hub of all aspects of construction in Québec. The CCQ sees a constructive presence as a structured, organized, planned presence. The organization’s responsibilities affect work providers, contractors, and workers, as well as engineering and architectural firms.

The CCQ supports the development of the construction industry. It aims for increased compliance, better accountability of all actors, and constant performance improvement. Already an essential part of the industry, the CCQ hopes to contribute to its growth, making it ever more skilled, innovative, and responsible. The organization’s main concern is the maintenance of a healthy climate and respect for rights on Québec construction sites.

A trusted partner

As a trusted partner, the CCQ works in collaboration with employer and union associations and with all public and private organizations linked to the construction industry. It can be counted on to encourage positive changes in the sector. As a disciplined organization, the CCQ works in a complementary fashion with its partners without acting as a substitute for them.

On the individual level, each employee of the CCQ is positioned as a trusted partner, within the scope of his or her responsibilities, to the organization’s different clienteles.

The CCQ is a constructive presence by:

  • Supporting the industry’s compliance
  • Proposing better-adapted norms and practices
  • Aiming for constructive parity with the industry’s associations
  • Aiming for an enriched client experience
  • Becoming more effective and more mobilized

The CCQ is a trusted partner because it will:

  • Rigorously administer the sums entrusted to it by the industry 
  • Look to the future of the construction industry
  • Vigorously fight against inadequate behaviours
  • Establish dialogue with all stakeholders
  • Address difficult subjects head on
  • Communicate transparently and coherently, and publicize the industry’s successes

The CCQ is a constructive presence and a trusted partner to:

  • Construction workers and contractors
  • Workers’ and employers’ associations
  • Work providers
  • Other oversight organizations
  • Governmental departments and agencies
  • The general public

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