Opening of the exhibition Bâtisseuses, femmes dans une industrie en changement

As part of the activities marking International Women’s Day, the Association patronale des entreprises en construction du Québec (APECQ) and the Elles de la Construction opened the photography exposition Bâtisseuses, femmes d’une industrie en changement on March 7th. The launch took place in the presence of about 100 construction industry stakeholders at the head office of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).

“With this photography project, the APECQ wanted, among other things, to pay tribute to the women participating in their mentorship program Programme de mentorat de l’APECQla construction de demain! and inform people of the many career possibilities for those wanting to join the industry,” stated Michel Raymond, the APECQ’s general director.

To create the exposition, photographer Christine Bourgier captured the reality of construction industry professionals and contractors. Five participants from among the first group to take part in the Programme de mentorat de l’APECQ: la construction de demain! allowed the photographer to follow them in their everyday lives so they could share their passion for their profession and industry. 

“The Elles de la construction are very proud to be partners of the Programme de mentorat de l'APECQ: la construction de demain! In addition, many mentors and mentees from this first group are members of the Elles. Being associated with this innovative project was a natural extension of the mission that the Elles de la construction have set for themselves. The new generation occupying management positions in the construction industry is important because they represent the builders of the future!” mentioned Valerye Daviault, Elles de la construction Vice-President.

“The CCQ does everything possible to make more room for women in Quebec’s construction industry. This requires wide-ranging efforts. We have to remember that women represent only slightly more than 1.5% of the industry’s labour force. The industry’s partners have to pitch in and help. This is why the CCQ supports the mentorship program and is excited about the exhibition by the APECQ and the Elles. This series of photographs highlights women in the program who hold decision-making positions in construction projects in Quebec. This is another positive factor that will help bring more tradeswomen onto construction sites,” commented Diane Lemieux, CCQ President and CEO.


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