Summary of modifications to all MÉDIC Construction plans starting January 1, 2019

Like most private insurance plans in Québec, MÉDIC Construction has come under great financial pressure related to increases in the cost of medications (by almost 40% over five years for MÉDIC).

Following the recommendations of external actuaries, the Construction Industry Social Benefits Committee, composed of the industry’s union and employer associations, has adopted modifications that will affect all of the plans offered by MÉDIC Construction starting January 1, 2019.

All insureds will soon receive an official letter explaining the modifications, if they have not already received it.

Summary of modifications starting January 1, 2019

Medications For all plans

  • 5% reduction in the portion payable by MÉDIC Construction for the purchase of medications
  • Maximum annual contribution set at $850 per family, rather than $750

Vision care For several plans 

For insureds and their spouses, if applicable:

  • Reduction in the reimbursable amount for corrective glasses per 24-month period
  • Vision exams reimbursable every 24 months, instead of every 12 months

For dependent children:

  • Corrective glasses reimbursable every 24 months, instead of every 12 months

Dental care For several plans

Endodontics, periodontics, and major care:

  • Reduction in maximum amounts reimbursable per insurance period
  • Reduction by 10% in the amount reimbursable to insureds and dependents for all care

Orthodontics (dependent children):

  • Reduction in maximum lifetime amounts reimbursable
  • Reduction in percentage reimbursable

Note that no change has been made to reimbursements for safety glasses, paramedical services, life insurance, and disability insurance.

The details of the modifications, by plan, will be officially published in the Médic Construction Bulletins available around December 15 at Right now, even if you have not received a Notice of Insurability, you can see the details of modifications to insurance coverage in this section of the website.


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