Electronic apprenticeship record book: A pilot project

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) and the Future Skills Centre, in collaboration with the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), are seeking 500 people working in the construction industry to participate in a cross-Canada pilot project on use of an electronic apprenticeship record book called Valid-8.

Who is the project addressed to?

To apprentices (without regard to their apprenticeship period) in the following three trades: electrician, carpenter-joiner, and pipe fitter

Journeypersons mentoring and employers of participating apprentices will also be asked to participate in the pilot project.

Why an electronic apprenticeship record book?

Currently, the CCQ administers a quantitative record book that accumulates hours worked and hours of training. The electronic apprenticeship record book will be used through a website or on an application for cell phones and tablets. The record book will be qualitative and will aim above all to support the development of skills to be acquired during apprenticeship. Among other things, it will enable apprentices to document the acquisition of their skills through photographs, videos, and notes, to which their mentoring journeypersons will be able to add comments, if they wish. 
What will participants have to do?

Eligible apprentices will be asked to use an electronic record book in the context of their apprenticeship. Free training on use of the tool will be offered in a webinar. During the pilot project, apprentices will be asked to fill out two follow-up questionnaires on its use to share their evaluation. They and their participating employers and/or journeypersons will also be asked to take part in interviews on use of the record book.

Why participate in this pilot project?

Participants will have free access to the Valid-8 electronic apprenticeship record book. The record book is aimed at supporting progress in apprenticeship in a trade and will help apprentices better understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their skills. Ultimately, the tool will enable apprentices to better prepare for their future trade qualification examination and thus to become journeypersons more quickly. 

To underline the contribution of participating employees, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum will organize draws for gift cards, and one participating apprentice will also win a cash prize of $500 (journeypersons and employers are not eligible for the prizes, including the cash prize). 

How long does the pilot project last? 

The pilot project lasts 18 months, from January 2021 to June 2022. 

Free use of the electronic record book

The apprentices who use the electronic record book will not be asked to pay a fee. However, it is important to emphasize that the participants will have to use their personal devices (cell phone, tablet, or computer) and assume the costs related to their use and to their Internet service for the duration of the pilot project.

How to participate

To apply to be a participant, apprentices in one of the three target trades must send an email to projet_carnet@ccq.org and give the following information: 

  • Last name and first name 
  • CCQ client number
  • Trade 
  • Apprenticeship period
  • Date when apprenticeship in the trade began

The number of places is limited for each of the three trades. In addition, for the purpose of the pilot project, applicants will be selected so as to form, as much as possible, a representative sample of the population of each trade in terms of union membership and regional distribution of the trades, among other criteria. 

Authorization of transmission to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

Please note that by sending your request for registration to the CCQ by email for the electronic apprenticeship record book pilot project, you expressly authorize and consent that the CCQ transmit the following information to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, including its partners, in order to confirm your registration for the electronic apprenticeship record book (Valid-8) pilot project:

  • your first and last names
  • your email address
  • your trade
  • the date that your apprenticeship in the trade began
  • your current apprenticeship period in the trade.

You acknowledge that you are participating in this pilot project freely and voluntarily.

It is important to understand that this consent to transmission of the above-mentioned personal information is essential to the CCQ so that it can send this information to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum in order for it to be able to send you all the necessary information concerning this pilot project and give you the procedure for access to the electronic apprenticeship record book (Valid-8).


For more information, contact the Info-perfectionnement line at 1 888 902-2222.


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