Regulatory proposals – Labour scarcity in the construction industry

La Commission de la construction du Québec is announcing the publication, in the Gazette officielle du Québec, of draft regulatory amendments aimed at countering the effects of labour scarcity on construction sites.

These measures are being submitted for public consultation; they are not in effect.

This wide-ranging plan for the industry proposes the implementation of eight measures amending the Regulation Respecting the Issuance of Competency Certificates and the Regulation Respecting the Vocational Training of the Workforce in the Construction Industry.

Essentially, it is aimed at achieving the following five objectives:

  1. Encouraging access to the industry for individuals who have relevant work experience
  2. Increasing opportunities to hire new apprentices
  3. Placing a higher value on initial training, with the goal of retaining students in vocational training centres until they obtain their diploma
  4. Accelerating the path for apprentices’ access to the status of journeyperson
  5. Fostering work organization that improves productivity on sites

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