MÉDIC regulatory amendment - Clarification on exclusions during medical emergencies abroad

Following a decision made on June 4, 2020 by the Construction Industry Social Benefits Committee, a regulatory amendment was adopted in order to clarify one of the exclusions that applies during medical emergencies abroad in order to take into account the current travel advisories issued by the Government of Canada.

The terms of MÉDIC Construction’s insurance coverage in case of medical insurance abroad already provided an exclusion for medical expenses incurred in countries that are at war or politically unstable, as defined by the Government of Canada. More recently, the Government of Canada’s advisories have evolved, making it necessary to amend the regulation covering MÉDIC Construction.

The Government of Canada’s current advisories, which stipulate “avoid all travel” or “avoid all non-essential travel,” are applicable in cases of threat of terrorism, civil unrest, war, rebellion, political instability, natural disaster, natural disaster, and health emergency

Therefore, as of June 4, 2020, medical and hospital expenses incurred abroad are not reimbursable for an insured person who is in a location (for example, a country, a region, or a cruise ship) for which the Government of Canada issued an advisory to avoid all travel or to avoid all non-essential travel before that person departed, unless MÉDIC Construction authorized the trip before the departure.

Medical and hospital expenses incurred by an insured person who is already travelling at the time when the Government of Canada issues an advisory regarding his or her destination are also excluded unless this person demonstrates that he or she made every reasonable effort to return to Québec as quickly as possible and that these expenses were approved beforehand by MÉDIC Construction. 

To find out more about Government of Canada advisories: 



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