Reminder for employers: Increase in the allowance for interior systems installers and carpenters working on drywall installation

The 2021–2025 collective agreements for the institutional and commercial and industrial sectors provide for the payment of an allowance for the provision of tools and work clothing for interior systems installers and carpenters engaged in drywall installation.

In effect since August 1, 2021, Section 24.01 (2) (o) reads as follows:

o) To interior systems installers and carpenters assigned to the installation of drywall: Tools and replacement parts not listed in Schedule “E-16” as well as hacksaw blades, drywall knife blades, powder and chalk.

Employees must provide their own battery-powered electric screwdriver (including 2 batteries), a drywall router and a 100 foot extension cord. To meet this obligation, the employer must pay these employees $0.55 for each hour of work completed. 

This amount is an allowance for expenses incurred by the employee to provide the tools listed above and cannot be considered a monetary employee benefit. 

For any questions regarding this section, please contact your employer association or labour organization.


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