Something new in the opening of labour pools

Starting on June 22, 2021, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) will change how it displays the state of the labour pools and opens the pools. 

Pools announced earlier and open longer

Every Tuesday, the CCQ will announce the labour pools that will be open starting the following a week for a minimum of 5 working days. It will be possible to consult the state of these pools in a PDF file available each week at (see the section File for weekly consultation of the state of the labour pools). The file will also be posted on the CCQ’s Facebook page.

Alerte pénurie: a tool that’s still important 

The daily state of the pools will be available, as usual, on the eve of an opening through Alerte pénurie, according to the subscriber’s display parameters. 

The Tool for daily consultation of the state of the labour pools will also remain available to display, each day, the state of the pools (open or closed), those at under 10%, and those at 30% or under (which makes it possible to reserve a place for a woman even when a labour pool is closed). 

The same reservation procedure 

Even though the state of some pools will now be revealed in advance, the reservation procedure will remain the same. Specifically, an employer that wants to reserve a place for a worker and thus guarantee that person a minimum of 150 hours of work over a period of 3 consecutive months must contact the Info-pénurie line during the period that the pool is open and not a week in advance and during the CCQ’s business hours.

Advantages for the industry 

By announcing the extended opening of pools one week in advance, the CCQ:

  • Grants employers greater flexibility and predictability in recruiting a person for their company by allowing them to prepare their labour needs in advance
  • Improves the quality of files submitted by providing more time for employers to obtain the documents required to issue a competency certificate, such as proof of academic prerequisites. No request for a reservation is accepted before or after a pool is opened. 

The CCQ is also increasing the number of places reserved through the Info-pénurie phone line from 3 to 10.


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