Pension Plan: Beware of misinformation

The CCQ has recently been contacted by workers and employers in the industry with regard to misinformation that is currently circulating on various platforms, giving the impression that there is no more money in the Construction Industry Pension Plan. 

The CCQ wants you to know that this information is false. All current and future retirees in the construction industry will continue to receive the pensions and benefits to which they have a right under the Pension Plan.

The industry’s pension plan fund is managed by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. As of February 28, 2023, according to the monthly statement that the Caisse sends to the CCQ, the Construction Industry Pension Fund contains $28.9 billion.


Certain union associations have initiated a lawsuit, claiming that the CCQ charged certain fees to the Pension Plan that it was not entitled to charge. Although the matter is before the courts, it is important to remember that this was not a decision made by the CCQ. Administration costs were held back in compliance with Act R-20, the collective agreements negotiated by the union and employer associations, and the regulations of the plan decreed by these same associations. 

Other rumours have arisen recently on digital platforms suggesting that these management fees are not legal, that they are too high, and insinuating that the Pension Plan is paying for expenses that are not related to its administration. This is also misinformation. All expenses that the CCQ levies are real and required to ensure a healthy administration of the plan. The CCQ is not out for profit – that is not in its mandate; on the contrary, it makes sure that the plan is as profitable as possible to benefit the industry’s workers. 


The funding of the Pension Plan is determined in the collective agreements, which are negotiated between the construction industry’s union and employer associations. The terms and conditions of the Pension Plan are then defined by the representatives of the different union and employer associations sitting on the Construction Industry Social Benefits Committee (CISBC). 

The CCQ has no control over the content of the plan, such as contribution rates and benefit terms and conditions. Its role is limited to applying the decisions made by the union and employer associations within the CISBC. 


Every year, the Vérificateur général du Québec conducts a rigorous audit of the CCQ, and no mention of irregularity has been made with regard to administration of the Pension Plan. 

As administrator of the Pension Plan, the CCQ complies with the different applicable statutes, such as the Supplemental Pension Plans Act and the Income Tax Act. External actuaries verify the application of these statutes every year and attest to the financial health of the plan. 

The CCQ’s board of directors, on which representatives of the union and employer associations sit, is exposed to many levels of accountability to ensure the good governance of funds and plans.These representatives are very well aware of the highly favourable situation of the Pension Plan.


The website and our Customer service are reliable sources concerning the construction industry. They will generally answer any questions you may have. 

The financial details of the Pension Plan are public and available on the CCQ’s website:  

Finally, the CCQ would like to call upon all partners in the construction industry to reassure their members to avoid creating anxiety with regard to the sustainability of the Pension Plan.


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