Rules for content management on social media


The presence of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) on social media is a manifestation of its desire to create a space of exchange with both its clientele and the general public.

On social media, the CCQ addresses subjects related to its mandates, news items of interest, and services offered to workers and employers in the construction industry falling under the Act Respecting Labour Relations, Vocational Training and Workforce Management in the Construction Industry (known as Act R-20).

The CCQ’s intention is to offer an environment for discussion that encourages freedom of expression, and at the same time maintains mutual respect and courtesy.

The CCQ tries to answer questions addressed to it as quickly as possible. It does not promise, however, to respond to every question and comment.

The CCQ’s netiquette

The CCQ’s netiquette defines the rules for hosting its social media accounts and for managing the content published on them. The following rules are subject to change without notice.

Users’ identity

Users who wish to have a conversation on the CCQ’s social media must identify themselves. Any comment by an anonymous user may be deleted and that user may be banned from the discussion.


The CCQ reserves the right to delete any comment containing the following elements, and to ban its author from the discussion:

  • Statements that incite hate or violence or constitute harassment, threats, or intimidation
  • Statements that express discrimination based on nationality, sex/gender, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Statements that are defamatory, offensive, or abusive with regard to an organization or an individual
  • Links to inappropriate websites (e.g., sexual in nature or propaganda)
  • Excessive use of capital letters that may express aggressiveness

The following types of messages may also be deleted:

  • Advertising
  • Off-subject as they do not concern activities of the CCQ and the construction industry
  • Messages related to potential or current litigation
  • Messages that are published repeatedly

Statements made by any user of the CCQ’s social media commits only that individual; he or she is responsible for any possible consequences.

Reporting misuse

At any time, a user may report content deemed offensive or any illicit behaviours on the CCQ’s social media by sending an email to

Any comment published by a user on the CCQ’s social media platforms may be archived and conserved.

The CCQ’s follows

The CCQ’s decision to follow a user on social media does not imply that it agrees with their words or activities. The CCQ follows users that it considers relevant for its mission and mandates.

Language used

The language favoured on the CCQ’s social media is French. The CCQ responds to users’ questions in compliance with its linguistic policy (document in French only),  which is based on the legislative provisions applicable to public bodies.

Intellectual property

The content (photographs, videos, illustrations, etc.) published on the CCQ’s social media is subject to the Canadian legislation respecting administration of intellectual property rights, particularly the federal Copyright Act.

Users are responsible for ensuring that the content they publish online in no way infringes on the intellectual property rights of an organization or individual.

In this respect, the CCQ is exempt of all responsibility with regard to a user who publishes content violating an intellectual property rights rule (patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design, etc.).


The CCQ is subject to the obligations stated in the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information(CQLR c. A-2.1).

Any comment revealing personal information (telephone numbers, email address, place of work, etc.) about its author or any other person will be deleted.

To preserve the right to privacy, all users must and are responsible for obtaining the consent of people appearing in photographs or videos that they wish to share.

The CCQ does not answer questions or comments respecting a client’s file on social media platforms.

Customer Services

For any question or problem related to the services offered by the CCQ to its clientele, users may contact its Customer Services.




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