Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

In this section, you’ll find the answers to the most common questions about MÉDIC Online and the MÉDIC Construction mobile application.


MÉDIC Construction online

  • What is MÉDIC Construction Online?

    It’s an online tool you can access through the CCQ’s online services that allows you to: 

    • Submit your claims online
    • Simulate a claim to verify the eligibility of a reimbursement
    • Find a healthcare provider near you
    • Find out if a healthcare provider is recognized by MÉDIC Construction
    • Send information on your dependents
    • Send information on your spouse’s insurance coverage 
    • View your claim history anytime
    • Use less paper
  • Can I register for MÉDIC Online?

    If you were insured by MÉDIC Construction in the last 24 months or are insured for the period from January to June 2022, and if you are already registered for the CCQ’s online services, you will automatically be registered for MÉDIC Construction online.

    If you aren’t registered for the online services, register now at

  • I’m subscribed to the CCQ’s online services and I get the following message when I try to access MÉDIC Online: “You do not have access to MÉDIC Online. This section is reserved for people insured with MÉDIC Construction.” Why?
    Because you are not insured or have not been insured over the last 24 months.
  • Can I consult my claims in MÉDIC Online?
    Yes, you can review your most recent claims in MÉDIC Online and see your claim history.
  • I’ve moved. How can I change my address in MÉDIC Online?
    You can’t make your change of address in MÉDIC online. You must do it in the online services by accessing the “Mon dossier” section on the left-hand side of the screen, or by contacting Customer Services at 1 888 842-8282. A form is also available on our website.
  • Can I modify my dependents directly in MÉDIC Online?

    Yes, you can declare and update your dependents and send proofs of school attendance in MÉDIC Online.

    You may be asked to provide certain documentation.

    There will be a delay between the time when you register your dependents and the time when the change comes into effect.

  • Do I have to keep my receipts after making a claim?
    Yes, for at least one year from the date that you made your claim for reimbursement. For example, if you incurred expenses in January and made your claim only in March, you will have to keep the receipts until the end of March of the following year.
  • What types and size of files are accepted for receipts in MÉDIC Online?
    You can attach a document with the following types of files (extensions): bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, and txt. Attention: you cannot submit documents with a total size of over 24 Mb per transmittal.

Online services

  • How can I create an account in the CCQ’s online services?
    Go to or to the website and click on “Online Services,” in the upper right-hand corner of home page. To validate your identity, you will be asked for specific information, including information recorded in your CCQ file. If all the information provided is correct, you will quickly be able to create your online account.
  • I have an account in the CCQ’s online services, but I can’t access it. Why? And what can I do to resolve the situation?

    This may be due to various situations.

    Authentication errors: After three failed authentication attempts, your account will be locked for 20 minutes, for security reasons. If you don’t want to wait or don’t remember your password, you can unlock your account by using the “Mot de passe oublié?” feature. 

    Period of inactivity: If you haven’t used your online services for more than 12 months, you will have to answer the identification questions.

    In case of death, trusteeship, guardianship, or mandate, the account is also blocked. For more information, contact our Customer Services at 1 888 842-8282.

  • If my account in the online services is blocked, will my MÉDIC card still work?
    Yes. Your insurance coverage is maintained, even if your access to the online services is suspended or revoked. In addition, because you receive a hard copy of your MÉDIC card for each insurance period, you can always continue to use that card.

MÉDIC Construction Application

  • I’ve heard about the MÉDIC Construction application. How do I install it on my phone?

    To install it, you have to have an Apple or Android phone. To download the application from the App Store or Google Play, search for “MÉDIC Construction” from the application site on your device:

    • Apple users: Download the application from Apple’s App Store
    • Android users: Download the application from Google Play

    Once it’s installed, you can connect with the same user ID and password as you use in your online services. Not registered yet? Go to to register. 

  • My application is in French. How can I change the language?

    What are the language options offered for the MÉDIC Construction mobile app?    By default, the application downloads in French or English, depending on the language programmed into your cellphone or tablet.

    In the mobile application, to change languages, simply change the language parameter in your device.

  • In the application, I’m being asked to accept the terms of use. What is that?
    In this application, like in all applications, there are rules for using it. The terms must be accepted or else you won’t be able to use the mobile application. Insureds who don’t accept the terms will have to use the online services to access MÉDIC online.
  • Can the application be used by anyone with a mobile device?

    Yes, as long as the person is insured by MÉDIC Construction and registered for the online services.

    Your account in the online services must be in the “employee” category. If you haven’t accessed the online services for more than 12 months, your account may be temporarily deactivated. In this case, you must first authenticate yourself on the website to reactivate your account.

  • Why is the app asking me to authorize access to my location data?
    Your location is used for the “Find a supplier” function that will display results near your location.
  • Can I activate Touch ID or Face ID identification on an Apple or Android device?
    Yes, you can. Go to the settings for the application and activate the functionality, as long as it is offered for your model of cell phone.
  • I have a BlackBerry. Can I use the mobile application?
    No. The mobile application is exclusive to the Apple and Android systems.

Physical and digital MÉDIC Construction card

  • When do I have to present my card?
    Present your MÉDIC Construction card at your first visit to all of your healthcare professionals (pharmacist, dentist, etc.). Once your providers have entered the card in their system, you will no longer have to present it.
  • I lost my MÉDIC card. How do I replace it?

    If you have to replace a lost MÉDIC card, you can simply go to the CCQ’s online services at and print out a new card yourself, under the “MÉDIC online” tab.

    If you have installed the MÉDIC Construction application, you always have an electronic version of your card on your mobile device.

    If you wish to receive your card by mail, please call the CCQ’s Customer Services at 1 888 842 8282.

  • Is there a digital card?
    Yes there is, and you can download it with the MÉDIC Construction mobile application. We suggest that you keep it in your phone’s cards application – Wallet on the iPhone (Apple) or Google Pay on Android phones (Google) – so that it’s available at all times.
  • Can I give my digital card to my spouse?

    Yes, you can share a card stored in your phone’s cards application: Wallet on the iPhone (Apple) or Google Pay on Android phones (Google).

    However, you are responsible at all times for notifying us of any modification to your dependents as quickly as possible.

  • To keep my digital card at hand, what can I do without connecting to the online services each time?
    We suggest that you keep it in the cards application on your phone: Wallet on the iPhone (Apple) or Google Pay on Android phones (Google).
  • Can I present a photograph of my MÉDIC card?
    Yes, photographs, like the digital or paper version of your MÉDIC card, contain the same essential information required by the professional to make an electronic claim.

Insurance coverage with MÉDIC Construction online

  • Can I check whether my new medication is covered by MÉDIC?

    Yes. In the section “My Health Benefits/Check My Coverage” type “Drug” in the search bar or select the icon with the same name. 

    If you know the DIN (drug identification number) of the medication you’re searching for, enter it. If you don’t know the DIN, you can search using the name of the medication: Advice: it’s better to use the DIN if you know it.

    This tool will tell you if a medication is covered by your plan. Note that this doesn’t mean that you will receive full reimbursement. In addition, prior authorization by MÉDIC Construction may be required.

    You can ask your pharmacist whether the medication in question is an original or a generic/biosimilar medication and whether prior authorization is required.

  • Can I check if a type of treatment is covered in MÉDIC Online?

    Yes. In the section “My Health Benefits/Check My Coverage”  type in the medical supply, service, or treatment you’re looking for or select the appropriate icon.

    This search allows you to perform a simulation for certain supplies or treatments – for example, prescription glasses, chiropractic or massage therapy treatments. This simulation allows you to validate your coverage and, in certain cases, the amount that will be paid to you and the limitations and restrictions that apply to your plan. Note that the result of the simulation takes account of the claims submitted and processed as of the date of the simulation. Claims received by MÉDIC and awaiting processing may not be taken into account in this result.

    N.B. Some treatments cannot be simulated, for example, if prior authorization by MÉDIC Construction is required.

  • I’m leaving on a trip. Can I obtain a proof of insurance document directly in MÉDIC Online?

    Yes, on the home page of the MÉDIC Online website, in the section “Rapid Access” click on the link “Letter of confirmation of travel.”

    IMPORTANT: The proof of insurance confirms that the people whose names appear are insured on the date that you ask for this proof. We recommend that you request proof during the same insurance period as that when your trip will take place. Note that it is your responsibility to verify that the travellers are insured for the entire duration of the trip.

    This letter confirms that you are insured. However, the Medical Emergency Abroad program has a number of restrictions and exclusions. To view them, click here.

    If you are unable to request proof during the same insurance period as when the trip will take place, you can contact the CCQ’s Customer Services at 1 888 842-8282.

  • Can MÉDIC Online do a simulation for treatments for the next insurance period?
    No, only for the current period.

Healthcare providers

  • I can’t find my healthcare provider in the MÉDIC Construction list. Why?

    The suppliers on the list are those recognized by MÉDIC Construction. These suppliers have already been analyzed, notably to ensure that they are members in good standing of a recognized order or professional association.

    The list of providers may change, as it is constantly being updated.

    Always make sure that your providers are recognized, by using MÉDIC online, before incurring costs.

  • I have an appointment with a new healthcare provider. How can I know that she can transmit my claim electronically to MÉDIC Construction?
    Contact your healthcare provider to verify this information.


  • I sent my documents to add my spouse as a dependent. When will he be covered by MÉDIC?

    Your request will have to be analyzed.

    If you have transmitted your documents via MÉDIC online, they will be processed more quickly than if you send your file by mail.

    Once processed, you will be able to see the modifications in your file.

Insurance coordination

  • Can I update my spouse’s insurance coverage with another insurer?

    Yes. In MÉDIC Construction online, you can tell us:

    • The group insurance coverage held by your spouse
    • Changes to that coverage, if applicable

    However, if you tell us that your spouse is no longer covered by another group insurance plan, you will be asked for proof (for example, an example from his or her former insurer or his or her employer confirming the date of end of coverage).

  • How can I do insurance coordination directly with a provider?
    You must ask your provider if it is possible for him or her to do insurance coordination and, if yes, provide him or her with the information to the claim to two insurers at the same time. However, you will have to have already declared your spouse’s insurance coverage.
  • Can I do insurance coordination when I submit my claims online?

    Insurance coordination is usually done directly at the pharmacy and the dentist. Some other healthcare professionals also offer this service. If your professional cannot do direct coordination, two situations may arise:

    • MÉDIC Construction is the first insurance payer (e.g., the claim concerns the employee: you will be able to submit your claim in MÉDIC online. You will then have to attach the statement of benefits from MÉDIC Construction to the claim that you submit to the second insurer.
    • MÉDIC Construction is the second insurance payer (e.g., the claim concerns the spouse): you will be able to submit your claim in MÉDIC online. It will then be important to give the amount paid by the other insurer in the field provided for this purpose.

Claim processing and reimbursement

  • Are my claims processed faster this way?

    Your claims may be processed faster if you:

    • Use your card with your healthcare providers for direct processing of your claims 
    • Submit your claims via MÉDIC Online
  • How can I be reimbursed more quickly?

    By submitting your claims directly via MÉDIC Online and using direct deposit.

    If you haven’t done so already, register for direct deposit in three easy steps:  

    • Go to the online services at and open a session
    • Choose the “Dépôt direct” section
    • Type in your banking information (found on a cheque or in your online banking)

    It’s easy, secure, and you’ll avoid mail delays!

  • Can I find out about the status of my claim?

    You can check the status of your claims at any time in MÉDIC Online. 

    If you sent your claim by mail, go to the online services, then click on “Réclamations et traitements” in the left-hand menu. That’s where you’ll find the dates of claims received that we are currently processing.


Other question

  • Does the service cost anything?
    No. For insureds, use of the online services and of MÉDIC Construction online and the application is free of charge.

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