Making a claim

Making a claim


You can submit your claims to MÉDIC Construction anytime, from anywhere, at your convenience, in your online services at or by downloading the mobile application.

Claims submitted by healthcare professionals

Pharmacists and dentists are not the only ones who can file claims on your behalf—many other healthcare professionals can do it too.

Note: You will always be able to submit a claim by mail, but this process takes much too long.

How to receive a reimbursement

You are at …  You must ...  You must pay ... 
A pharmacist 
a dentist
another healthcare professional1  registered with Provider Connect2
Present your MÉDIC Construction card so that your professional can submit a claim on your behalf and obtain immediate reimbursement  Only the part not reimbursable3  by your plan 
A healthcare professional1 not registered with Provider Connect2 

Make your claim for reimbursement (at most one year after the date of the expenses incurred):

  • In MÉDIC online3, accessible at, on your computer or cell phone (find the MÉDIC application)
  • By mail, by filling out the required forms and attaching your original receipts, keeping a copy for your files 

All of the expenses incurred and wait for your reimbursement.

You will receive reimbursement by:

  • Direct deposit (if you haven’t already done so, register in the online services)
  • Cheque, sent by mail (foresee a delay) 
  1. Examples of other healthcare professionals: physiotherapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist.
  2. Provider Connect is a Web portal for healthcare providers that offers them direct payment and enables insureds to pay, immediately, only the part not covered by their plan.
  3. Keep your original receipts for one year from the date of your claim for reimbursement, so that you can respond to any later request for verification by MÉDIC Construction.

How to use MÉDIC Construction online

3 easy steps

  • You must be registered for the CCQ’s online services and open
  • Go to the “MÉDIC en ligne” section.
  • Use all the services offered: transmission of your claims, estimates, verification of your eligibility, search for recognized suppliers, etc.

Keep your original documentation (invoices, receipts, and other documents) for one year starting from the date of the claim for reimbursement.

Get reimbursed faster

To receive your reimbursements faster, register for direct deposit, at!
It’s fast, easy, and practical. 

  • Go to the online services at and open a session.
  • Choose the “Dépôt direct” section.
  • Give your banking information (written on your cheques or in your online bank account).

Read the Frequently Asked Questions  for more information.


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