Wages & Rates
Wages & Rates
Wages & Rates
Employers are obliged to pay employees according to the collective agreements in force in the construction industry.

To view wage rates and social benefits, union dues and taxable benefits, you can either use the online services or view the current rates by using the tool below.

If you believe that you are not being compensated in accordance with the collective agreements, specifically with respect to overtime pay or travel expenses, find out how the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) can help.

  • Latest changes

    In accordance with the collective agreements for the four sectors, changes to the monthly report are required as of the effective dates listed below.

    Effective date Changes
    January 1, 2023
    (January 2023 monthly report)
    Certain employee pension plan contributions and the calculation method applied to certain union dues.
    June 26, 2022 
    (July 2022 monthly report)
    Calculation method applied to certain union dues.
    May 1, 2022 
    (May 2022 monthly report)
    Various rates and contributions: annual increase in wage rates, changes to benefit contributions and to the welding qualification fund.
    January 30, 2022
    (February 2022 monthly report)
    Wage rates for concrete pump operators in the IC and I sectors. For more information, click here.
    December 26, 2021
    (January 2022 monthly report)
    Certain employee pension plan contributions and the calculation method applied to certain union dues.

  • Annual increase in wage rates

    Effective May 1, 2022

    Sectors Increase

    Light residential (R and R2)

    Heavy residential (R1)



    Civil Engineering and Roadworks (all schedules except D6-D7-D8 and F1-F2-F3)

    Civil Engineering and Roadworks (schedules D6-D7-D8 and F1-F2-F3)



    Institutional and commercial 2.05%
    Industrial 2.05%

    Some trades and occupations may benefit from a wage catch-up.

  • Safety harness allowance

    Civil Engineering and Roadworks

    If the employer chooses to forego its obligation to provide a lineman’s safety harness, it must pay compensation to the employee of $1.00 per hour worked. Please note that this allowance is not included in the calculation provided by the wage rates tool

    Sector Trade/occupation Hourly amount
    Civil Engineering and Roadworks Lineman $1.00
    Article 25.01 3)

  • Pensions plan contributions
    To comply with the limitations of the Income Tax Act, published employee pension plan contribution rates may differ from those specified in the collective agreements. Click here to learn more about how pension plan contributions are allocated.

Wage Rates Tool


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