Request by an Employer for Reimbursement of Training Costs

Request by an Employer for Reimbursement of Training Costs

A company that has defrayed the costs of a training course offered to its employees may be eligible for reimbursement. To be eligible, the company:

  • if it has been in existence for under 24 months, must have 1,500 hours or more declared to the CCQ since start-up


  • if it has been in existence for 24 or more months, must have 4,000 or more hours declared to the CCQ during 24 of the last 26 months 

For a reimbursement to be granted, the training taken by the employer’s employees must also meet the criteria established by the Comité sur la formation professionnelle de l’industrie de la construction (CFPIC). Participating employees must also be eligible for the incentives. To obtain a reimbursement, the employer must fill out the form Demande de remboursement des frais de formation par un employeur de l’industrie de la construction.

Eligible employers may also use the training services for companies offered by the CCQ free of charge.


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