Le respect des règles, ça compte !
Le respect des règles, ça compte !
Le respect des règles, ça compte !

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) presents a documentary miniseries featuring some enthusiastic people whose primary concern is the health of the construction industry in Québec. Each expresses, in his or her own way, how important it is to respect the rules, and they highlight the real advantages of doing so.

These people explain that when the different stakeholders in the construction industry respect the rules, they make the right calculation, for themselves and for the construction sector as a whole. This is precisely why the industry is built to encourage a healthy working environment and make everyone aware of where he or she belongs on construction sites.

Although it’s true that the industry isn’t perfect yet, the efforts made in recent years clearly show the advantages of respecting the rules.

Respect for the rules counts, because it:

  • Enables workers to get paid what they’re worth
  • Encourages fair competition
  • Ensures the right skills on construction sites
  • Protects working conditions
  • Pays off for everyone

The videos feature workers, contractors, and CCQ representatives – men and women of all ages – people who are convinced and convincing, express their point of view, and defend the rules that have been defined by all stakeholders in the construction industry.

The documentary capsules are divided into four themes:

  • Respect for the trades: It counts!

    This capsule deals with aspects related to respect for each individual’s skills and the pride of accomplishing high-quality work thanks to trade apprenticeships and transmission of knowledge from journeyman to apprentice. By respecting each individual’s skills and making sure that people working on construction sites have a competency certificate, we guarantee the quality of projects.

  • Respect for work: It counts!

    This capsule addresses issues related to under-the-table work and highlights how legal work offers the advantages of the benefits provided within the system: MÉDIC construction, pension plan, paid vacations, and more. So, when you respect the compliance rules, you make the right calculation for the present and the future. That’s how all construction workers can benefit from excellent working conditions. And it helps to wage an effective fight against under-the-table work and tax evasion.

  • Respect for competition: It counts!

    When we respect the rules of competition, we encourage a healthy work environment and fair competition among companies. This capsule examines the importance of respecting the rules to help all employers to work on an equal footing, offer fair prices, and hire skilled workers who will be paid what they’re worth. By respecting the rules, we create a shared basis for evaluating costs that enables organizations of different sizes to compete honestly, encouraging equal opportunities. Everyone comes out a winner. We also help employees to have access to a healthy work environment that prevents abuses.

  • Respect for the agreements: It counts!

    In Québec, the collective agreements are central to the construction industry. This capsule shows the importance of complying with the collective agreements to ensure a healthy work environment, contribute to smooth operation of construction sites, and build high-quality projects. In addition, when we respect the rules and hours are recorded accurately, we make the right calculation. This helps the CCQ ensure that workers get paid what they’re worth in compliance with the collective agreements signed by all stakeholders in the construction sector.

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