None of these choices

None of these choices

You are not allowed to have construction work performed by a volunteer.


We are publishing this information to help you find out if the regulatory standards governing volunteer work apply to your construction project. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, you may contact the CCQ. Note that this information is only a summary and it is possible that your project will require a more detailed analysis for a decision to be made. 

The articles pertaining to volunteer work in Act R-20 do not modify any other laws used to regulate construction sites (licences, insurance, health and safety, etc.). To learn more about these, visit RBQ and CNESST.

We would also like to inform you that under Act R-20 the CCQ has the power to inspect construction sites to ensure that they comply with the law. In addition, the CCQ may require any person concerned to provide information or documents related to the construction work. 

Finally, for people to be considered volunteers, the work must be performed without constraint or obligation, and not for pay or other compensation.


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