Qualification Examination
Qualification Examination
Qualification Examination
The qualification examination is intended essentially to assess your acquired skills upon completion of the apprenticeship in your trade or specialty. The exam questions, written and validated with expert journeypersons, cover all of the essential skills required for the trade or specialty.

Important notice: On this page, you can learn about the specific information regarding the locations where the sessions will take place and the temporary measures for access to an exam room.

Qualification Examination

Passing the examination is one of the conditions for access to the status of journeyperson. The qualification examination is intended to assess your acquired skills in your trade or in your specialty. The exam questions, written and validated with expert journeypersons, cover all of the essential skills required for the trade or specialty.

Eligible candidates

The exam is for people in the following situations:

  • Apprentices  who have completed their apprenticeship 
  • Apprentices who have completed at least 85 % of their apprenticeship. If desired, apprentices can decide to complete their apprenticeship 100 % before registering for the exam
  • People who have practised a trade or specialty and acquired experience in hours of work and, if applicable, training credits  at least equal to the total duration of the apprenticeship in the trade covered and whose file, when analyzed, proves this experience through supporting documentation 


The exam usually contains between 50 and 70 multiple-choice questions, depending on the trade or specialty. Each question is written in plain language and has four response choices, of which only one is correct. To familiarize yourself with the type of question in a qualification examination, consult the examination sample questions. You may also consult the information sheet concerning your trade or specialty, which details the skills that may be covered in the exam questions.

Codes or other reference documents may be supplied to you for certain specific exams. The questions may be formulated using either the imperial measuring system (inches, feet, pounds, etc.) or the metric system (centimetres, metres, kilograms, etc.).

The exam is offered in English and French and lasts a maximum of three hours.

Exam registration

To know the procedure according to your situation, click here.

Anyone who consults the "Résultat d’examen" section in the online services can obtain the date on which their registration was made with the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ). The date of his exam session will be sent to him by post with the necessary information to prepare for it.


Until governmental public health measures make it possible once again to offer all sessions in the regional offices of the CCQ, some exam sessions will take place in alternative locations. To find out the location of your exam, please consult the list below.

Region  Location of exam sessions 

Starting July 13, 2022:

Regional Office
518, rue Giguère
Val-d’Or (Québec)  J9P 6M4

Parking is included


Starting February 8, 2021:

Regional office
188, rue des Gouverneurs
Rimouski (Québec)  G5L 8G1

Parking is included 


Starting June 1, 2022:

Regional Office
598, boulevard Laure, bureau 112
Sept-Îles (Québec)  G4R 1X7

Parking is included.


Starting February 8, 2021:

Hôtel Delta Sherbrooke
2685, rue King Ouest
Sherbrooke (Québec)  J1L 1C1

Parking is included  


Starting February 8, 2021:
Hôtel Delta Trois-Rivières 
1620, rue Notre-Dame Centre 
Trois-Rivières (Québec)  G9A 6E5

Parking is included


Starting February 8, 2021:
Hôtel Ruby Foo’s
7655, boulevard Décarie
Montréal (Québec)  H4P 2H2

Parking is included


Starting August 1, 2022:

La Ramada Plaza
75, rue d'Edmonton, Door A
Gatineau (Québec)  J8Y 6W9

Parking is included behind the building

Québec City

Starting August 1, 2022:
Grand Times Hôtel
5100, boul. Des Galeries
Québec (Québec) G2K 2M1

Parking is included 

Starting June 1, 2022:

Regional Office
1299, rue Des Champs-Élysées
Bureau 101
Saguenay (Québec) G7H 6P3

Parking is included  


The notice to appear for the examination that you will receive after you register will specify the date, location, and time (either 8:15 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.) of the exam session.

For the Nunavik region, click here.

You will not be allowed into the exam room after the official time for the beginning of the exam or if you have not proved your identity.

Temporary measures for safe access to an exam room

As of May 16, 2022, the mask will no longer be mandatory to access the exam room. It is still recommended and a procedure mask will be offered to you upon your arrival. You will have to maintain a distance of one meter from others. 

You will have to wait in the waiting room until a session invigilator calls you.

Before entering the exam room:

  • You must present one valid piece of identification (unexpired) with photograph (photocopies and digital IDs are not accepted) from among the following list 
  • You must disinfect your hands

Only items provided by the CCQ will be allowed into the exam room. For example, the following items are forbidden: cell phone, personal computer (laptop or tablet), music reader, electronic agenda, pager, smart watch, camera, sunglasses, caps and hats, notes, books, food, and beverages (except for a bottle of water). The CCQ reserves the right to reject any other item deemed inappropriate. Any violation of the examination rules will be considered as fraud and will result in failure of the examination.

Do not show up for your exam:

  • If you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 10 days or that you have received a positive test result
  • If you present symptoms related to COVID-19, such as fever, coughing, loss of smell and/or taste with or without congestion, difficulty breathing, sore throat, headache, extreme fatigue and/or diarrhea
  • If you have been informed by a staff member of the health network (Info-Santé line, doctor, Public Health, etc.) to place you in isolation

To obtain a new exam date, you must contact Customer Services at 1 888 842-8282.


The result will be sent to you within 10 working days after you take the exam. If you have passed and hold a valid apprentice competency certificate in the trade, a journeyman competency certificate (JCC) will automatically be issued to you. 

If you fail the exam, a letter will notify you of which type of retake exam you will have the right to and when you will be able to register again.

People with disabilities

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) is committed to offering adapted services to people with a motor, visual, or auditory disability. People who need any assistance with taking their exam may contact Customer Services directly at 1 888 842-8282.

Furthermore, for qualification examinations meeting certain criteria, the CCQ may offer the services of a reader to people with functional limitations such as dyslexia. For more information, candidates may make a request to the CCQ’s Customer Services.


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