Insulator Examination

Insulator Examination

The examination is 3 hours long. It consists of 60 questions and each question is worth 1 point. The required passing grade is 60%. The materials supplied for your use during the examination are: a calculator, a pencil, a paper sheet and an eraser. No other material or reference document is allowed during the examination.

Skill Content on Which Questions May Be Based

Section 1 - Work Organization and Insulation Installation (45 %)

  • Work Organization
    • Planning the work
    • Erecting scaffolds to install insulation
    • Safe working methods
  • Preparing the insulation work
    • Preparing the surface to be insulated (piping, air ducts or equipment)
    • Materials calculations
    • Measuring and cutting insulation.
  • Installing rigid or semi-rigid insulation
    • Installing insulation (on piping, air ducts or equipment)
    • Fastening insulation (pins and binders)
    • Sealing the joints
  • Installing specialized insulation products
    • Installing prefabricated panels (sandwich panels)
    • Applying sprayed insulation

Section 2 - Finish Coating Application  (40 %)

  • Installing a flexible protective finish
    • Installing a cotton protective finish
    • Installing a self-adhesive membrane
  • Making parts of rigid or semi-rigid protective finishes
    • Taking measurements and making calculations
    • Identifying the patterns associated with the various parts
    • Cutting the parts
    • Shaping the parts with machine-tools.
  • Installing rigid or semi-rigid protective finishes
    • Positioning and fastening rigid or semi-rigid protective finishes
    • Sealing the joints

Section 3 - Asbestos Removal (15 %)

  • Necessary protections
    • Using adequate personal protection
    • Building required shelters
    • Accessing and exiting the work area safely
  • Removing asbestos
    • Removing asbestos
    • Taking actions to prevent the dispersion of asbestos particles
  • Managing materials and débris
    • Managing debris
    • Final cleanup

Samples of questions for provincial qualification examination.

Suggested documentation

The suggested documents are an important tool to help you prepare for the examination. However, your best asset to write the exam successfully are the quality and diversity of the skills you have acquired during your apprenticeship.

  • THERMAL INSULATION ASSOCIATION OF CANADA. Mechanical insulation best practices guide. Ottawa : L’Association, 2013, 155 p. 
    English version :

    IsolGuide : guide des systèmes d’isolation et d’étanchéité de l’enveloppe du bâtiment. Montréal : AIQ, 2015, 187 p. (in french only)
    IsolGuide : fixations mécaniques et ancrages. Montréal : AIQ, 2015, 2 p. (in french only)

  • ASSOCIATION PARITAIRE POUR LA SANTÉ ET LA SÉCURITÉ DU TRAVAIL DU SECTEUR DE LA CONSTRUCTION (ASP CONSTRUCTION). Amiante : guide de prévention, 7e éd. Anjou : ASP Construction, 2016, 57 p. (in french only)

  • MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION. National commercial and industrial insulation standards, 7th Ed. Omaha : MICA, 2011, 255 p.

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