Flooring-Layer-Sander Examination

Flooring-Layer-Sander Examination

The examination is 3 hours long. It contains 51 questions and each question is worth 1 point. The required passing grade is 60%. The materials for your use during the examination are provided to you. They are: a pencil, a paper sheet, a calculator and an eraser. No other material or reference document is allowed during the examination.

Skill content on Which Questions May Be Based

Section 1 -  Organizing the work tobe done (15%)

  • Organizing work
  • Knowing product features
  • Measuring relative humidity level 
  • Identifying the starting point
  • Calculating necessary quantities of materials
  • Measuring wood moisture content
  • Operating and maintaining equipment
  • Machinery and material storage conditions
  • Arranging machinery and materials
  • Using personal protective equipment
  • Applying product and tool safety rules 

Section 2 -  Installating wood or composite parquet flooring (35%)

  • Determining joist direction
  • Measuring subfloor moisture content
  • Checking subfloor quality
  • Preparing the work area
  • Levelling the floor
  • Installing a vapour barrier
  • Installing a soundproof membrane
  • Drawing a reference line
  • Installing hardwood parquet flooring
  • Installing parquetry
  • Installing engineered parquet flooring
  • Installing floating parquet flooring
  • Applying glue
  • Installing mouldings and trims
  • Choosing an installation method

Section 3 - Finishing wood or composite parquet flooring (35%)

  • Sanding wood parquet flooring
  • Choosing sandpaper
  • Identifying the appropriate tools
  • Using various types of sanders
  • Reparing and applying a wood filler
  • Sanding stairs
  • Preparing a surface to be stained, oiled or varnished
  • Staining parquet flooring
  • Applying oil on parquet flooring
  • Varnishing parquet flooring
  • Knowing finishing products features and usage 

Section 4 - Repairing wood or composite parquet flooring (15%)

  • Distinguishing parquet flooring deterioration factors
  • Identifying the cause of a problem
  • Identifying possible solutions
  • Applying the appropriate technique for adjusting, repairing or replacing a defective element
Samples of questions for provincial qualification examination

Suggested documentation

The suggested documents are an important tool to help you prepare for the examination. However, your best asset to write the exam successfully are the quality and diversity of the skills you have acquired during your apprenticeship.

  • ASSOCIATION DES PROFESSIONNELS DE LA CONSTRUCTION ET DE L'HABITATION DU QUÉBEC (APCHQ)L’abc des planchers de bois franc dans le secteur résidentiel, Anjou, APCHQ, 2010, 3e édition, 223 p. (only in french)

  • JEFFRIES, DENNISThe flooring handbook: the complete guide to choosing and installing floors, Toronto, Firefly Books, 2004, 144 p. 

  • PETERSON, CHARLESWood flooring : a complete guide to layout, installation & finishing, Newtown, CT, Taunton Press, c2010, 330 p.: col. ill. 

  • CENTRE D’ÉLABORATION DES MOYENS D’ENSEIGNEMENT DU QUÉBEC (CEMEQ). Finition intérieure, Sherbrooke, CEMEQ, 2011, 188 p. (Charpenterie-menuiserie ; compétence 17) (in french only).
    Tel.: 819 822-6886
    Fax: 819 822-6892

  • ASSOCIATION DES PROFESSIONNELS DE LA CONSTRUCTION ET DE L'HABITATION DU QUÉBEC (APCHQ). Finition intérieure, Anjou, APCHQ, 2011, 440 p. (Charpenterie-menuiserie ; compétence 17) (in french only).
    Tel.: 514 353-9960 or 1 800 468-8160
    Fax: 514 352-5259

  • ALLIMAN, CHIP. The do-it-yourself guide to hardwood flooring: everything you need to know to install, sand, and finish hardwood flooring, Colorado Springs, Colo., c2009, 86 p.

  • ALLIMAN, CHIP. The do-it-yourself guide to hardwood flooring II, pre-finished: everything you need to know to select, prep, and install pre-finished hardwood flooring, Colorado Springs, Colo., c2009, 70 p.

  • ALLIMAN, CHIP. The complete guide to becoming a successful hardwood flooring contractor, Colorado Springs, Colo., c2009, 94 p.

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